Van Ravenswaaij

Van Ravenswaaij in the 1930s.

Joshua van Ravenswaaij (b. 1901 in Rosendorp, d. 1990 in Eastwood), also known as Die Hollander or simply Ravenswaaij, is a Bredish author from Clymene. He wrote one of the most famous Bredish classics, Wyal syn die ooderen ven niedax (We are the adults of tomorrow) in 1929.

He also wrote Scots xeesten (Scottish minds), Die latst Mandaryn in Lisny (The last Chinese in Lisney), En hwade in it treurfelt (A flower in the field of sorrow) and several other novels.

Van Ravenswaaij died at the age of 89 in his home in Eastwood.

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