Joseph Ramsley (1933) is a Lovian-Brunanter businessman. He was born to Albert Arthur Ramsley and Anica Langerhol. He was one of the founders of Edison Electric (now the Lovian Energy Company) in 1955. He took great interest in the family business and he worked in Federal Foods Inc. in the 1960s and 1970s, as the head of international operations.

First Marriage Edit

He married Silvija Ilava in 1963 and had a son, Michal Ilava-Ramsley and a daughter, Rosa Ilava- Ramsley. But, in 1970, his wife Silvija died and he was in great pain.

Second Marriage Edit

In 1978, he married model Andrea Blair and had one son, Thomas Ramsley and one daughter, Christina Ramsley (in 1981). They divorced in 1983 and he has not remarried. He came to Carrington Island that year to promote EE, and has since remained there.

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