Jonathan Kelmný Identity
Name Jonathan Kelmný
Full name Jonathan Michael Marcus Kelmný
Sex Male Male
Born February 9, 1944, Seal of East Hills East Hills
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Politician, accountant
Languages English, Oceana
Roman Catholic

Jonathan Kelmný (February 9, 1944, East Hills) is a Lovian politician. He is a member of the Oceana State Council, where he sits for the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia.

He was a 2013 Congress member for the Conservative Christian Party of Lovia until 11 September, 2013. That day, he was replaced by Ygo August Donia after it was discovered he had commited fraud. He was involved in a local corruption scandal; he declared too many receipts for his wife's shopping sprees and some expensive holidays to Noble City and Peace Island with the Kelmný family. He thought nobody would find out but his secretary did. He then attempted to bribe him but that was to no avail. The secretary, a man of stronger moral fabric then Kelmný, reported it to the authorities. CCPL then asked Donia to take Kelmný's seat in Congress after he decided to take the honorable way out, stepping up. Kelmný, however, did remain member of the local State Council.

Personal life Edit

In 1966, Kelmný married Layla Taylor, who died in 1967 following a drug overdose. Kelmný got remarried in 1973 to Vanessa Kelmný-Smith, with whom he got a son, Luke (1977). In 2004, Jonathan and Vanessa divorced, and one year later, Kelmný married the twenty-year younger Eve Vandyke.

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