Johnson commission

The Johnson Commission is a group of Lovian intellectuals who started to think about the future, but especially on surviving these 'environmentally speaking' hard times. Since Lovia isn't that engaged towards worldwide struggle against men-induced threats on nature. The Johnson Commission is trying to implement some unwritten values, it is a project which a characterized by the tag line: "We are only allowed to use our natural resources to those limits where the future generation will be able to survive!" Initiative taker and commission president Jon Johnson stresses the necessity of this project, since Lovia is an archipelago situated in an geographical hotspot, we need to pay attention to the future. Very important in this struggle is the so called 'Factor 4', meaning doubling welfare, halving resources.

Goals Edit

The goals the commission is is trying to reached are summarized in 7 short lines:

  1. Doubling welfare, halving resources
  2. Limits to growth, stop overproduction
  3. Governmental guidance in key industries[1]
  4. Reducing emission of harmful chemicals[2]
  5. Narrowing the existing environmental standards
  6. Ameliorate international cooperation on this topic
  7. Creation of a fund to provide money for environmental disasters

Notable Members Edit

See Also Edit

  1. Energy, Transport, ...
  2. CO², CFC's, Methane, ...

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