John Smith Identity
Name John Smith
Full name John Isaac Anthony Smith
Sex Male Male
Born Febuary 3rd, 1845, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
Deceased March 5th, 1910, Noble City
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Founding Father, soldier in the American Civil War, baker
Languages English

John Smith was an American-born Lovian and one of the Founding Fathers of Lovia. He fought in the American Civil War before moving to Lovia. In Lovia, he ran the first bakery and was involved in several building projects. At the end of his life, Smith was openly homosexual.

Biography Edit

John Smith was born to a successful upper middle class family in Baltimore in 1845. As a young boy John was, according to his own account, rather rebellious. He quit school at twelve. At the age of seventeen, he ran away from home. He enscripted in the Union Army in the American Civil War. He dropped out and soon married a woman named Katie Geore. According to some, Smith discovered a sexual preference for men in the Army, and therefore left the Army and married a woman. He later re-joined the Army and fought the Confederates.

After the Civil War, Smith developed a liking for baseball. He was a member of the (now defunct) Baltimore Marylanders.

In 1870, John Smith moved to San Francisco, where he soon met Arthur Nobel. Smith was one of the eleven Founding Fathers on the first trip with the Francis II to the Lovia Archipelago.

Together with a male friend, Smith ran Lovia's first bakery in Noble City. He gained the nicknames "Gay John" and "Happy John" for his joviality and friendliness. Smith was also involved in several building projects in the new settlement.

In 1908, John Smith left Noble City for New York City. In New York, he was open about his homosexuality. Smith died in 1910.

In recent years, John Smith has become an example to many homosexuals in Lovia. Smith is the first recorded homosexual person in Lovia.

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