Jean Mariana Identity
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Name Jean Mariana
Full name Jean Fransisco Mariana
Sex Female Female
Born November 3, 1962, Helsinki, Finland
Home Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Designer
Languages Finnish, English, Spanish
Roman Catholic

Jan F. Mariana is a female Finnish-born, Lovian fashion designer and founder of HCH.

Biography Edit

Jean Fransisco Mariana was born in Helsinki, Finland at the Helsinki Regional Hospital to Frank and Leanne Mariana. She was born into poverty. Her father Frank had recently lost his job and there family was evicted from their home. As she was growing up, she knew her designing talents would get her out of the slums.

When she was 20, she attended Harvard University. After completing her education, she opened a law practice in Madrid, Spain. When she was 28, she closed her law practice in Spain and moved it to Downtown, Noble City. She became instantly fascinated with Lovia. She married Robert Marius on October 25, 1991 at the age of 29.

In her auto-biography The Designer Girl she says two of her life's most important events happened between 1993-1994. In 1993 she gave birth to her daughter Ann. In 1994 she fell in love with designing.

In 1996 she gave birth to her son Robert Jr. and to a still-born, named Hope. Taken back by the death of her daughter, she turned to drugs. On April 1, 2000, Robert and Ann decided to take on the problem. In her biography she stated the following sentence about the subject: "The Angels sent by God saved me". On August 19, 2002, her father Frank died.

After working for many companys as a intern, she opened her first store in The Mall, Noble City in 1995 called HCH. In the year 2008, Jean pulled a major overhaul of her company. She started to open new HCH stores.

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