James W. Pennington Identity
Name James W. Pennington
Full name James Wallace Pennington
Sex Male Male
Born January 31 1892, Noble City
Deceased April 2 1960, Noble City
Spouse Lysette Brooke Pennington
Home Noble City
Functions Governor of Sylvania
Languages English, Spanish, Dutch, Greek, Latin

James Wallace Pennington (Noble City, January 31 1892 - April 2 1960) was an important Lovian businessman and politician. He was born to Walter Wallace Pennington and Sylvie Lebrun in 1892. He did his secondary schooling at the Champagnat College in Brezonde, Brunant, and did his university in California. He became an atheist in the 1920s.

He served as Governor of Sylvania from 1911 through 1921, winning five consecutive state elections. James W. Pennington was married to Lysette Brooke Pennington, with whom he had three children: Robert Pennington, Elisabeth J. Pennington and Walter James Pennington. His son became -like his father did earlier- Governor of Sylvania in 1937, and still is the longest serving Governor of Sylvania. His daughter Elisabeth married Prince Lucas, the later King Lucas I, and became Queen of Lovia.

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