James Nelson Identity
James Nelson
Name James Nelson
Full name James Nelson
Sex Male Male
Born March 15, 1881, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Deceased May 2, 1951, Flag of Lovia Small Noble City
Spouse Hannah Young
Home Seal of Kinley Kinley
Functions Governor of Seven
Languages English

James Nelson (March 15, 1881 - May 2, 1951) was Governor of Seven for the Flintist Party between 1921 and 1929, except for a short period in 1927. He was one of Lovia's few fascist politicians.

Seven began to experience economic difficulties in the early 1920s, and this offered fertile soil for far-rightist ideologies such as Nelson's. He offered a solution of the problems Seven faced: he would expel immigrants from the south, who were disliked for the way they seemed to be taking the employment of Seveners, and find alternative trading partners. He appealed to the middle-classes with his denouncement of communism as theft from the hard-working, and called for regeneration of the Seven national identity. In particular, he scoffed at the intellectualism of the previous governor Samuel Sawyer, telling him 'your Law will be torn from top to bottom.'

Working first under the name Fascist Party of Seven, he later changed it to Flintist Party to gather the support of the conservative upper-classes who had supported the original Flintist Party, but despite this, he never got support from either Harrison or Oliver Flint. In 1921, he defeated Sawyer to become governor of Seven, also obtaining four seats out of ten on the newly created Seven State Council.