James Wilson Identity
Name James Wilson
Full name James John Kennedy Wilson
Sex Male Male
Born January 5, 1932, United States Seattle
Deceased February 19, 2004, Citizen Corner
Spouse Isabella Varna
Functions Soap actor
Languages English, some French
Roman Catholic

James J.K. Wilson (Seattle, January 5, 1932 - Citizen Corner, February 19, 2004) was an American born Lovian soap actor. He acted in the Lovian soap opera Mother! as Grandad.

Wilson married actress Isabella Varna in 1987. James has 2 children, a son and a daughter. They live in the American state Washington.

He died in a multiple crash on the Highway 1, near Citizen Corner in the night of February 19, 2004. There were 2 casualties and 3 injured persons involved in the crash. Wilson didn't survive the crash. His burial in Seattle on February 25 was held privately.

Cinematography Edit

Year Production Type of production
1993-2004 Black Ops III: Columbia action movie
1993-2004 Mother! Lovian soap opera
1999 Snake Warriors: The Ophidian Saga fantasy-adventure miniseries