James Holdes Identity
Name James Holdes
Born April 5, 1988, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Businessman
Languages English, French, Spanish, German
James Holdes (Noble City, April 5, 1988) is a Lovian politician, businessman and a journalist. He has served one term as the Ministry of Justice and MOTC. He grew up mainly in New York, but moved back to Lovia to be a politician and see his family. His ancestors were however from Boston, and whilst studying in New York, he saw lots of his family members who still lived in the US. He has a intrest in journalism after studying it in University, and even started his own national newspaper up, The Newhaven Post. He was elected during the 2013 Federal Elections, and the 2013 Congress was his first term in congress.


Holdes was born in Train Village, 1976 to Andrew and Fiona Holdes. He lived in Train Village throughout his childhood, and went to the large school in Downtown. He had very good education, and was known to be a very inspirational person to the younger generation down his school which enjoyed business. He went to Harvard over in the United States, but after getting exceptional degrees and a master degree in Industry, went back to his home country. He was soon after recruited by Dave Leskromento to work for the Ministry of Commerce, and has done well in the ministry since. He lives in a nice house in TV, an d is also a current holder of the 100 Member of the Congress's in parliament.


James is a experienced person in business, and owns the nationwide Peace Island Times newspaper. He has a great intrest in nuclear technology, and therefore also owns a nuclear power plant in Alaska, named Ecoside, however the plant is very small. He is net worth approximately 30 million according to Forbes, which is mainly generated from his final shop chain in Kings, Fishside.

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