James Grey

James Grey

James Grey (Palo Alto, June 5, 1948) is a Lovian entrepeneur and the founder of Pietro's, then known as Niceria, in 1983. He opened the first restaurant in Train Village. He began as a pizza baker himself. He then became the CEO of the expanding Niceria Food Inc., that was in its heyday between 1995 and 1999. Grey has had contacts with Pierlot McCrooke since the mid-1980s, when McCrooke became the company's personnel manager. In 2008, Grey sold Niceria to McCrooke.

Grey has recently criticized Shadwell Inc for changing the company's name, which McCrooke had already changed to 'Pierlot Pizza', to 'Pietro's'. He also criticized the management for commercializing Niceria into a mass-market chain.

Grey was born in the United States. His father was Dutch-American and his mother was German-Spanish.

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