James Edward Frances (1911-1944) was a prominent Lovian doctor and soldier. Frances was born to parents from Cleveland, Ohio, who had come to Lovia in the 1890s.

Frances was sent to medical school in California before returning to Lovia in 1935. He married a Romanian girl, Miriam Jora, in 1937 and in 1938 the couple had their first child, Richard. In 1940 he became the doctor to the exiled Royal Family of Brunant. In 1944 he joined the second wave of Lovian volunteers headed to fight in Europe, but serving as a doctor. In July 1944 he was involved in the liberation of Brunant alongside American and Brunanter troops. Frances was instructed to set up a field hospital at an orphanage in Donderstad. While leading the orphans to safety, they were shot at by German soldiers, and he sacrificed himself in order to ensure the children escaped unharmed. Pierpont was buried at the Donderstad Cemetery alongside other soldiers who fell to the Germans. In 1947, he was posthumously awarded the Medaille d'Honneur, Brunant's highest honor for bravery in battle.

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