Jamal Hustróva Identity
Name Jamal Hustróva
Full name Jamal Andru Saborca Hustróva
Sex Male Male
Born 7 August 1851, Flag of Slovakia Smoleniče
Deceased 1 January 1892, Flag of Slovakia Smoleniče
Languages English, Oceana, Slovak, Zamokkian
Roman Catholic

Jamal Andru Saborca Hustróva (Smoleniče, August 7, 1851 - Smoleniče, 1 Jan 1892) was one of the eight sons of Jamal Hustróva of Smoleniče. He was the father of Jamal Hustróva, sr. In the beginning of 1882 he moved to Lovia with his father to help him with his farm. He died because of bad lungs; he smoked a lot. He was the father of Jamal Hustróva, sr.

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