Jack and gilles
Jack and Gilles
was a comedy film from 1929. It was a non-talk film, but it featured several songs. It is the oldest known Lovian movie, and is a true classic.

Plot Edit


Jack and Matilda

The film was about a girl named Matilda (Isabel Ramsley) who is in love with a young Lovian painter called Jack (played by John Stinson). But, a rich old Frenchman called Gilles (Emanuel Horte) seduces Matilda with money and she marries him instead. The plot involves Matilda and Jack meeting on dates, and every time, the old Frenchman finds out and catches them. Jack disguises himself and works for Gilles as a butler, painter, chauffeur, chef and gardener to be close to Matilda, but every times he finds out and has him fired. Jack becomes really saddened about not being with Matilda that he jumps off a bridge. Just as he jumps off, Gilles gets a heart attack and Matilda is finally free to be with Jack.

Public Reception Edit

The film was well received and liked, especially since it was the first Lovian film ever. But many people weren't really happy with the ending.


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