Jack Davis
Jack Davis
(Abington, Flag of Lovia Small Lovia, 13 July, 1952) is a Lovian-Iranian voice actor, citizen, and McDonald's franchise owner.

Jack is well known for doing the voice of Martin Morning in the Lovian English dub of the French animated series of the same name that aired on Lovian Television.



Jack was born on 13 July in 1952 as son of Margo-Vane Davis (Lovian) and Abolfazl Azar-Davis (Iran) in Abington, a village on the east coast of Asian Island, Lovia. Margo-Vane would always feed him corned-beef hash with his pancakes, eggs, english muffins, and bacon at breakfast, and threaten to lock him in the basement if he continued arguing with a family member. Jack was the youngest of the children.

According to Jack: "....I based my Martin Morning voice on when I choked on a English muffin at brunch one afternoon".


Jack was flown to the town of East Hills, Hurbanova, Oceana by his dad (Abolfazl) in a L-19 to attend Walden Elementary. At the school, he had a extremely half-minded teacher. In fact, she was always fiddling with the door-handle. One time, his teacher brought in a potato with a wig and googly eyes. According to Jack: "...and everyone was staring at the potato for 3 hours!".

Baby SitterEdit

Jack's teacher from school also babysat him. He and his brother would always drink her seltzer water.

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