Italia Stadia of Lovia
Azzuri Stadium
Location New Town, Noble City, Sylvania
Built 1966
Opened 1967
Owner Lyle Rizoil
Operator The owners of Azzuri FC
Surface grass
Construction cost $2220.00
Architect Local Italian player Lyle Rizoli
Former names San Stadium
Italian-Lovian FC Logosmz Azzuri FC
2000 (Sitting) 1000 (Standing)

The Italia Stadia of Lovia is a small soccer pitch in Noble City. Since the 60's the field has been used for bocche, Lovian boules, and soccer matches. The team Azzuri FC now plays their home games here. The stadium has always had a small feel and lies some distance away from the centre of the city. The tickets are free and most of the time local teams play on the pitch. The support group of the Azzuri are called the Blue Boys and they hold there monthly mettings here and come to every game, in the standing area. The small pitch is located in New Town.

In January 2013 a new stand was added to the stadium to expand it, as well as covered terraces. This changed the capacity from 250 sitting and 500 standing to 500 sitting and 1000 standing. In December of the same year construction work began on a new stand which would give the stadium a total capacity of 2000 sitting (the standing capacity would be unaffected).

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