Isabella Varna da Costa Grambini Identity
Name Isabella Varna da Costa Grambini
Sex Female Female
Born 3 August 1943, Flag of Lovia Small Little Europe, NC
Spouse James J.K. Wilson
Home Noble City
Functions actress/socialite
Languages English, Italian
Roman Catholic

Isabella Varna da Costa Sharpe Coningham Astor Wilson (born 1943, Little Europe NC) is a famous Lovian socialite and actress.

Early life Edit

Isabella Grambini was born in 1943 to Italians Mario Grambini and Anna Moretti. She is the younger sister of model Coletta Grambini. She was a child actress, appearing in several films alongside Sofia Lilland. In 1966, she married actor Jose Varna, but she divorced him the following year.

Biography Edit

She married again in 1968 to singer Louis Da Costa, but they divorced in 1970. She acted in the film Intrepid, and married her co-star, Nicholas Sharpe. They had 1 son, Ed Sharpe. He was killed in a shooting attempt in 1971. Isabella had earned lots of money from the divorce settlements, so she invested in the hotel business (Landmark Group) of John Coningham. They were married from 1974-1980, and had 3 kids, Louis, John and Anna Coningham. It appears during that time she had affairs with singer Joe Lecoeur and billionaire John Astor Vanderbilt. She briefly married Astor in 1982-83. While shooting a film, she met actorJames J.K. Wilson and married in 1986. They had 2 kids, who live in the US. She (and him) starred in the the soap opera Mother!, and she is currently still on the show. Following his death in 2004, she was in a period of mourning.

Isabella has been married 6 times, and divorced 4 of her husbands. She has six children, all who live outside of Lovia.