Into the Modern Ruins is a documentary film co-produced by Freedom Press. It is about the "crisis" situation in Libertas from the Civil War onward. It was produced from late 2012 to early 2013.

It is suggested to be the first instalment of a series about the wikinations, with a follow-up/sequel to explore some issues in more detail also a possibility.


The documentary is divided into numerous "sections" each centered around a topic.

  • Civil Conflicts
    • Summaritical information about the civil conflicts themselves (the Nyttfron and Newport independence movements and the Civil War).
  • Government
    • About the lack of elections since 2009, causing what remains of the government to be highly interim, weak and quite unpopular, causing effective anarchy in some areas and other chaos. Also, the remaining government is influenced by the remaining mafia gangs, rendering it corrupt also.
  • Mafia
    • A closer look at the remaining mafia gangs, and also the roles they played during the civil conflicts.
  • Infrastructure
  • Information and Communication
  • Movements

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