Instrumental Songs for the Vocally Challenged is the debut studio album of Popscene, released 2 August 1996. The album uses elements of post-punk and experimental music, and, as the name suggests, is almost entirely instrumental, with the exception of the song 'Talk To Me Now'.

A Tone Factory poll voted it #2, in the list of 'Best Lovian Albums of the 1990s', only to Freedom Is An Opinion/Critters by Nothing The Black Celebration.

In 2012, the band released The Vocally Challenged Remix Album, which features remixes of all the songs.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Inimitation"   4:32
2. "The Hands"   3:50
3. "Mankind"   3:14
4. "Levers and Strings"   5:09
5. "Talk To Me Now"   1:56
6. "The Reckoning"   3:57
7. "You Thought It Was Over"   6:42
8. "Untrue Love"   5:22
9. "Wait By The Telephone"   2:45
10. "Where The Darkness Meets The Sea"   7:46
11. "T.W.F" (Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday) 9:18
Total length:

Bonus disc on 2011 reissueEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Golden Sand"   8:24
2. "Then/Now"   7:01
3. "Victim by Example"   4:55
4. "Low and Town"   4:21
5. "Instinct"   5:06
6. "T.W.F" (live 1998) 21:50
Total length:

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