Ingmar Olsen

Olsen tasting one of his wines "in glass"[1]

Ingmar Olsen is a Libertas-born Lovian winemaker and the chief executive director of Olsen's. He is Stefanie Olsen's father, the photomodel and author of children's books, who is likely to succeed him in the future.

Olsen's Edit

Ingmar Olsen succeeded his father Edvard Olsen, the founder of Olsen Wyn (Olsen Wine), in 1984 as proprietor and director of the Libertan winery. After years of low sales, the younger Olsen revived the company in the mid-1990s, making it the largest wine producer in Libertas. He announced to move the company's headquarters to Lovia in January 2010 in The Noble City Times, citing the unstable Libertan economy.

Personal life Edit

Ingmar Olsen has mixed origins, including Danish, American and German.

Olsen was married to Christine Libertatis and is now a widower. He has one daughter, Stefanie Olsen, the photomodel and author of children's books.

References and notes Edit

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