Manuel Mendoza (Infant) Identity
Name Manuel Mendoza (Infant)
Full name Manuel García Mendoza
Sex Male Male
Parents Luís Mendoza
Patricia Ropp
Home Seal of Artista Artista, Seal of Noble City Noble City
Functions Musician
Languages English

Infant (real name Manuel Mendoza) is a techno producer and DJ from Adoha, Clymene. He is signed to Warped Records. Aside from DJ'ing, he is involved in remixing other songs, releasing an occasional single and playing guitar for Lost Cosmonauts. His career spans two decades, and he remains one of the quintessential artists of the Lovian electronic dance music circuit.

Infant is known for being the frontman of the Lost Cosmonauts, and the leading creative force in the synthpop outfit. He is famous for his sense of rhythm and odd hooks. He single-handedly catapulted the Lost Cosmonauts to a record label deal with Warped Records. He plays the drums, synthesizer and organ.

Occassionally, he writes pieces for the Lovian music magazine Tone Factory.

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