Royal Guard gun crew (WWI)

WWI artillery (Brunant)

Imperial Models is a company based in Hightech Valley, Sofasi, which specializes in miniature military figures and equipment. They produce soldiers, cars, trucks, vehicles, buildings/sets and other accessories in 1:72 scale.

Model setsEdit


  • War of Independence: Venetian infantry, cavalry; Brunanter infantry, corsair pirates
  • Brunanter Civil War: Royalist infantry, artillery, cavalry; Van Draak infantry and cavalry
  • Franco-Brunanter/Seven Years' war: Brunanter infantry, artillery, cavalry; Hessian infantry; French infantry, artillery, cavalry; Grijzestad Citadel
  • World War I: infantry, artillery
  • World War II: infantry, artillery, resistance members
  • Modern: infantry, AMTACT troops, ATCM armored car

World War IIEdit

  • German infantry and paratroopers
  • British infantry and tank crew
  • American infantry
  • Soviet infantry and artillery crew

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