Ilava I Government Seal

Seal of the Ilava I Government

The Ilava I Government was Lovia's national executive government, lasting from February 1, 2012, to February 7, 2013, serving alongside the 2012 First Congress. It was preceded by the Villanova II Government, which ruled during the term of 2011 Second Congress. The composition of the government had been discussed since the beginning of the voting stage of the 2012 Federal Elections. After the election's outcome was revealed, it became apparent that leftists, liberals, and rightists had won approximately equal numbers of seats, and that it was proving difficult to make a deal between two of the factions.

Eventually, an agreement was brokered to include various parties across the spectrum in the government. However, the selection of the Prime Minister remained a problem. Leftists proposed Marcus Villanova and Justin Abrahams, Liberals proposed William Krosby, and Rightists proposed Oos Wes Ilava for the post. A referendum was scheduled to occur until the day before Inauguration Day. In addition, Joshua Katz of the Porcine Party ran his own campaign to be elected Prime Minister by Congress. Villanova later withdrew from the referendum to pursue becoming the Minister of Tourism and Sport. Ilava finished the referendum with 53% of the vote. Main parties agreed for Ilava to become the new Prime Minister by Inauguration Day.

Following Ilava's selection as the nominee for Prime Minister to head up the grand coalition, the Ilava I Government was drawn up, taking members from all over the political spectrum, from CPL.nm to CCPL. It was approved in Congress with a huge majority.

Composition Edit

Head of state Name Party
Ruling monarch King Dimitri I of Lovia does not apply
Prime Minister Oos Wes Ilava CCPL
Minister Name Party
Minister of Agriculture Jhon Lewis CCPL
Minister of Commerce Christopher Costello PL
Minister of Culture Oos Wes Ilava CCPL
Minister of Defence Lukas Hoffmann CNP
Minister of Education Matthew McComb PL
Minister of Energy and Resources Ben Opat' MCP
Minister of Environment Ygo August Donia CCPL
Minister of Finance Percival E. Galahad SLP
Minister of Foreign Affairs Semyon Breyev independent
Minister of Health James Torres SLP
Minister of Justice Bill An PL
Minister of Labour Pierlot McCrooke CPL.nm
Minister of Tourism and Sport Marcus Villanova Labour
Minister of Transportation Justin Abrahams Labour
Speaker of the Congress William Krosby SLP
Appointees Name Appointed by

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