Il Duce

Il Duce, gathering support

Il Duce Octavian (formerly known under his real name Octavian Benito Latin) was the leader of Oslobodenia, a front that unites Oceana rebels against pro-Lovian forces in the Lovian Civil War. He declares to be preparing for revolts in the beginning of November. Il Duce does not have concrete aims. However, he is said to be willing to "destroy everything that reminds of Lovia". Currently he is lobbying for co-operation with other rebellion groups in Southern Kings and the Liberated Territories. Also he is gathering support amongst the Oceana people, who are known for their anti-Lovian revolts of the past decade. Gaining a base in territories controlled by rebels, Il Duce believes to be able to sustain a long-term civil war in Oceana.

Il Duce is known for being extremely intolerant. He is never willing to compromise and is merciless to enemies. Although the fact that he wishes to be a despotic ruler, he is believed to be very generous and loving to what he considers to be his own people. Il Duce promises his political and military supporters that the "nation will flourish under his rule" and that it "will become a cultural, economic and military paradise on earth".

Il Duce's preferred state type is a militarized nation-state led by an authoritarian nationalist leader under an emperor.

He is known to be a frequent visitor of Pizzeria Il Regno d'Oceana, and he has even copied a store to be operated in Oslobodenia 'Oshenna.

I. G. La Blaca is known to be his right hand, while Oos Wes Ilava is his left hand. Of course, no self-respecting leader can do without a sexy secretary. This position is given to Anna Denise Reinhardt.

Blacklist Edit

Il Duce is keeping a list of enemies with whom he will deal with in the near future.

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Notes Edit

  1. Marcus and TimeMaster are enemies of the Oceana nationalist movement (25 October)
  2. [1]
  3. Oos Wes Ilava refuses Il Duce's generous offer to join the movement. It was seen as a case of weak betrayal (25 October)
  4. Medvedev does not obey (26 October)
  5. Medvedev not like pizza (26 October)
  6. Medvedev does not like November Plan (26 October)

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