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The IRB Small Sevens Cup is a tournament like the actual IRB Seven world series but for minor and less known rugby nations. The tournament is based off four tournaments with 10 core teams, but unlike the series those are the only teams that play in this series. The series was spearheaded by Lovian politician and sportsmen Marcus Villanova to the IRB board in early 2011, and was set up next year in 2012.

Core teams, Venues, and RulesEdit

The core teams chosen by the IRB Sevens board were 10 main nations, which currently didn't participate in the Sevens tournament. The nations themselves didn't have to be "small" in size, like the core nations Germany and Sweden. The 10 Core nations are:

In 2012 Canada and Uganda played in the four tournaments of the Cup, but Canada left after dominating the first year and Uganda failed to file papers to continue playing in the Cup. The IRB was also looking into, not allowing these teams to play due to their sheer size and excellence of play compared to the other nations. Liechtenstein and Jamaica were added to the tournament in 2013 to have 10 core nations.

  • Flag of Lovia Small Lovia (2012 -)
  • Flag of Germany Germany (2012 -)
  • Flag of Sweden Sweden (2012 -)
  • Flag of Belgium Belgium (2012 -)
  • Niueflag Niue (2012 -)
  • 600px-Flag of the Cook Islands.svg Cook Islands (2012 -)
  • Flag of San Marino San Marino (2012 -)
  • 500px-Flag of Guyana.svg Guyana (2012 -)
  • 800px-Flag of Liechtenstein.svg Liechtenstein (2013 -)
  • Flag of Jamaica Jamaica (2013 -)

Former Core teamsEdit

  • Flag of Canada Canada (2012)
  • 800px-Flag of Uganda.svg Uganda (2012)


These nations play in random groups each time, with the top five teams receiving points. The team at the end of the series with the most points wins the tournament cup.

  • 1st place - 10 points
  • 2nd place - 7 points
  • 3rd place - 5 points
  • 4th place - 3 points
  • 5th place - 1 point

Additional game rules include halves being seven minutes, usually with all final games including final 7th and 8th place games being 10 minutes per half. All wins are four points and draws are two points, with loses bringing no points. Bonus Points are also given to teams that score four or more tries in a match and one point to a team that loses but by less than seven points. Groups are all randomized and the winner of group one verses the second place of group two, etc.

The venues that are played in each year are as followed:

  • First - Kings, Lovia (Mainly played in Villanova sponsored stadium complexes)
  • Second - Berlin, Germany
  • Third - San Fransico, United States of America
  • Fourth - Stockholm, Sweden
  • Fifth - Brussels, Belgium

A tournament was played in Vancouver, Canada in the third slot in 2012, but was dropped after Canada left the tournament. The fifth tournament of Brussels was added in 2013 to lengthen the tournament.


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