Album by Hyperbola

Type studio album
Released 2011
Recorded 2010-2011
Genre progressive rock
Length 90:23
Label GoldenDisc

Hyperbola is the eponymous debut album of the band Hyperbola, released in 2011. It is their second release, after the 2010 EP Crosswinds. The album in fact features a track from said EP ("Crosswinds"), and also contains new/cover versions of several tracks from band member Leonard Sheraldin's 2009 solo "demo" album Two Tree Hill ("Upon the Peak of Two Tree Hill", "Wanderer" and "Watcher of the Veil").

The album had a rather quiet release, but has since developed a cult following and gained positive critical reviews.

Track listingEdit

No. TitleWriter(s) Length
1. "A Scream in the Darkness"  Sheraldin, Ake 7:54
2. "Keep Close"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev 3:58
3. "Upon the Peak of Two Tree Hill"  Sheraldin 6:20
4. "Recurrence"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Ake 4:33
5. "Wanderer"  Sheraldin 5:03
6. "Virtual Chaos"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Ake, Roggeman 5:34
7. "Crosswinds"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Ake 9:21
8. "Into the Valley of Fire"  Vasilyev, Sheraldin 6:44
9. "Parabolic Curve"  Sheraldin 4:47
10. "Hyperbolic Curve"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev 8:28
11. "Invalid Parameter"  Vasilyev, Sheraldin 7:15
12. "Watcher of the Veil"  Sheraldin 6:39
13. "Quantum Insertion"  Sheraldin, Vasilyev, Ake, Roggeman 13:47
Total length:


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