The Hurbanova Library (local: That Plaved Knishnitesha) is a Lovian library in Hurbanova which is a financed by the state of Oceana. The library mostly contains Lovian and Oceana works, but also many children's books.

History Edit


The boat on the scrapheap.

The library started in 1879 as a boat which sailed from town to town, which explains the local name That Plaved Knishnitesha, the floating library. Many people donated books they had written themselves to the floating library, which explains why there are so many books in the library in old local Lovian dialects. After two years the boat was moored in the harbor of Hurbanova, nowadays Old Wharf. One year later, in 1882, the harbor was filled up and the boat was moved to the moat. The boat became too small in the '20. The books were moved to The Old Oceans' Farm and the boat was sold. In 2008 Oos Wes Ilava bought the boat after he saw it was rusting away on a scrapheap. In the twenty-first century the library of The Old Oceans' Farm had become too small too and the library was moved to the Drake Town Mall, where it was to be found on the sixth floor, 8 King Joseph corridor.

On November 22, 2009, it was moved to 20 Danish Avenue, Drake Town, in a separate building.

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