Location Seal of Hurbanova Hurbanova,
Seal of Oceana Oceana
Opened unknown
Owner private
Surface grass
Football FK Swat Lews

The Hurbadome is a Lovian soccer stadium at Millstreet, Hurbanova, just east of the mill. The club that plays here is FK Swat Lews. The stadium is also often used for concerts and speeches. It plays a central role in the life of the Hurbanovans.

In 2010 it became one of the venues for the Oceana Derby between FK Swat Lews and Sheckin Lads.

Concerts Edit

  • Devo - November 21, 1980 (Freedom of Choice tour)
  • Metallica - June 16, 1984 (Kill 'Em All Tour), January 24, 2017 (WorldWired Tour)

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