Hotel North

Hotel North before its demolition.


Hotel North after its demolition.

Hotel North is a Lovian hotel in the Hurbanovan neighborhood Millstreet. The original 45-storey high building was the highest of Hurbanova and even Lovia and was built for the thousands of tourists visiting Hurbanova each year. The new hotel is smaller but can still hold a few hundred tourists.

Visitors Edit

Many tourists first came to Hurbanova for the cultural history of the town. Later on they also discovered the interesting forests and beaches, like the Oceana Beach, in the state of Oceana. Since that Millstreet was built many tourists also come here to visit the Oceana Museum or Casino Hurbanovo. Other people come to the hotel because relatives or friends lay in the nearby Hurbanoval Hospital or in the Rest Home Millstreet. Another group of people come here to visit the games of FC Hurbanova.

Demolition Edit

Even though it was a relatively young building, it wasn't fire-proof and so it caught fire on November 14, 2009. The following day it was decided that the building would be blown up. The blasting was done on November 16 and was successful.

A new hotel with the same name was built a year later, but because of financial problems there was a long delay. Work continued in August 2010, but stopped after that. In 2012, the project was finally finished and now the hotel is part of the larger Hotel North Shopping District.

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