Horus Comics
Horus Comics
Name Horus Comics
Product Publishing
Founded 2008
Founded in Seal of Noble City Noble City, Lovia
Owner(s) George Underhill (Alphabet Publishers)
Headquarters Vandreck Building, MV, NC

Horus Comics is a comic publisher owned by Alphabet Publishers and thus is a member of Fedecinc Group. Horus Comics was founded in 2008 by George Underhill. It's the biggest comic publisher of Lovia and its works are much loved by young people.

Most important worksEdit

Eodre (2008-2009)Edit

By Andy Bowe.

  • A Warriors's Birth
  • The Battle Begins
  • The Man with the Spear
  • Traitors
  • Long live the King
  • Teeth in the Dark
  • A New Menace
  • A Stab in the Heart

The Spear of the Dragon (2008-2011)Edit

By Wei Lang.

  • A New Journey
  • The Three Warriors
  • On the Mount of Fog
  • The Snakeman
  • The Army of the Dead
  • A Happy Song
  • Revenge
  • The Monks of Chi-Kua
  • The Eternal Duel
  • In the Endless Forest
  • The Break
  • Three Nightmares
  • All together now
  • Almost there
  • The End

Donatello (2010-today)Edit

By Harold Freeman.

  • The Naked Eyes
  • A Certain Death
  • The Killing of Me
  • Of Good Men I
  • Of Good Men II

Nemesis (2011-today)Edit

By William Benedict.

  • In the year 3040
  • Hope is Born
  • The First Blood
  • Defence
  • The Survivors Pt. 1
  • The Survivors Pt. 2
  • Brigadier Onearmed
  • Ghost Army
  • The Peacemakers attack
  • Victorious
  • Nightmen
  • Sabotage
  • The Youngster and the Priest
  • The Protestors
  • A Nation on Fire
  • Mission: Inflitration

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