Hordeum Bookstore

Bookstore NCM

Name Hordeum Bookstore
Type Bookstore
Founded 2009
Owner(s) Hordeum Books
Headquarters Noble City Mall

Hordeum Books has a bookstore in the Noble City Mall. The store was opened in early 2009, and was the first bookstore run by Hordeum books. The shop has a total of about 200 titles on sales in 4 different sections.

Sections Edit

Fiction Edit

In the fiction Section you will find novels and short story collections. In one particular part of the section, one finds Hordeum Paperbacks has cheap publications from Hordeum Books. Section is divided into smaller parts sorted by genre. The most popular genre at the moment are: Crime, Sci-fi, alternative history and political thrillers.

Non-fiction Edit

in the section for non-fictiv literature. you will find various nonfiction books divided into topic. Here you will find the popular series "Hordeum's the trip goes to. The books are selling best at the moment is: Historical books, political books, cookbooks, travel books and biographies.

Poetry Edit

I sektionen for poesi, finder du digtsamlinger af de største nationale og internationale digtere. Sektionen er ikke så stor, men er alligevel delt i flere genre såsom Lyrik, sangbøger og skuespil.

Education Edit

The shop has a special section of books for use in universities, schools, colleges and other education programs. the section is divided into various topics, and you can get books ordered from abroad. The bookstore offers a discount on all the books in this section at 25% for students. All books in the other sections have a discount of 10% for students.