Hordeum Books

Hordeum Books

Name Hordeum Books
Type Publisher
Product Books
Origin Flag of Lovia Small Lovian
Founded 1989
Owner(s) Erasmus Hordeum
Headquarters 10 Glider Avenue, Hightech Valley, Sofasi, Clymene (CL-SO-HV)

Hordeum Books a publisher of books and magazines. The company specializes in publishing foreign books in Lovia, both fiction and nonfiction. The company is known for their different Books series.

History Edit

The company was founded in 1989 by the Danish writer and film producer Viggo Hordeum. Hordeum had previously worked for the major Danish publisher Gyldendal, but after he and his family moved to Lovia, he wanted to start as an independent publisher of foreign books. To begin with, he published almost exclusively books by Danish authors, but expanded later with books from other European writers. In 1994 he started the book series "Hordeum Paperbacks", who published cheap fiction books. The Book series was a great successes and are still running under the same name.

In 1995 he again extended his business with a series of travel books under the name "Hordeum's The trip goes to".

Viggo Hordeum died in 2010 of Colorectal cancer. His business was left to his Son Erasmus Hordeum.

Bookseries Edit

Hordeum Books is known for their various books series.

Hordeum Paperbacks Edit

Hordeum paperbacks was the first book series published by the company. The series consists of inexpensive editions of the books the company already have released. The series consists entirely of fiction books, and includes both bestsellers and books by lesser known writers.

Top 5 most sold 2009 Edit

  • 1: Brown, Dan - The lost symbol
  • 2: Holst, Hanne Vibeke - The sacrificed Queen
  • 3: Läckberg, Camilla - The Ice Pincess
  • 4: Larsson Stieg - Men who hates women
  • 5: Holst, Hanne Vibeke - The murder of the King

Hordeum's the trip goes to Edit

The series consists of travel books with travel descriptions of various countries, regions and cities. The series began with three books, but today it covers more than 100 destinations worldwide. All books are revised every two years and are the most widely used travel guides in Lovia.

Top 5 most sold 2009 Edit

  • 1: The trip goes to New York
  • 2: The trip goes to England
  • 3: The Trip goes to Sofasi
  • 4: The Trip goes to China

Hordeum's Little Sam Club Edit

The Hordeum's Littel Sam Club is a bookclub for children. All children's book published by Hordeum Books are published under the name Hordeum's Little Sam Books. Little Sam is the Mascot of the club. He is a little troll. Little sam also has his own book series called "Little Sam and ..."

Newest books Edit

Hordeum Education Edit

Hordeum Education publish educational books for use in schools, universities and colleges.