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Hop-Scotch is a Lovian post-punk band that has existed since the early 1970's. Their music is classified as new wave and no wave, but they are, for the most part, a post-punk band.

They have been a part of the Lovian punk scene, and are known for their surreal lyrics and bizarre live shows.

In 1980, the band's first album, Go Forth!, was released on Lovilago Music in Lovia, Mäöres, Brunant, Burenia, Tagog, and Chvarqvia, and on A&M Records in North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Europe, and Asia.

Formed by Sammarinese-born Lovian musician Massimiliano Di Traglia and a former janitor at King Arthur II School named Jackson Doe, the band are considered one of the best Lovian musical groups.

The band currently consists of Massimiliano, Jackson, Tommy Zion, Mark Garfield, the Inzaghi brothers (Vincenzio and Nunzio), Jackson's daughter Harmony, and Bob Schlitz.

The band, which formed in Hurbanova, is currently based out of Adoha.

Performances Edit

Live shows have been getting technogically advanced for the band ever since the early-90's.

Members Edit

Current Edit

  • Massimiliano Di Traglia (1972-present) - lead vocals, synthesizer, digital piano
  • Jackson Doe (1972-present) - electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Tommy Zion (1972-present) - electric guitar, backing vocals
  • Mark Garfield (1980-present) - electric bass guitar, keyboard bass, bass synthesizer, double bass, backing vocals
  • Vincenzio Inzaghi (1972-present) - synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Nunzio Inzaghi (1972-present) - synthesizer, keyboard bass, backing vocals
  • Harmony Doe (2007-present) - rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, backing vocals
  • Bob Schlitz (1998-present) - acoustic drums, drum synthesizers, drum machines, backing vocals

Former Edit

  • Stacy Stravinsky (1972-2006, died 2006) - rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, banjo, backing vocals
  • Pierre Alméras (1972-1998, died 1998) - acoustic drums, drum synthesizers, drum machines, backing vocals

Discography Edit

Albums Edit

EPs Edit

Live Albums Edit

Compilation/remix albums Edit

Cover albums Edit

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