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The Hoffmann I Government is Lovia's national executive government, serving since August 29, 2014, alongside the 2014 Provisional Congress. It was preceded by the Abrahams I Government, which was in power for six months since the end of the Federal Elections until midterm elections were called. The Special Elections produced a split Congress with a large swing towards minor parties like the LUS and RI. However the CNP emerged as the largest party overall. Despite this negotiations began to continue the Abrahams administration with a wide coalition including many new parties. Negotiations slowed even while Congress members like Dirk Brandt tried to get a motion put to the second chamber.

Eventually, Hoffmann highlighted that he felt that a stronger leadership was needed to bring Lovia out of the crisis and began to outline a plan called 'Operation: Clean Slate'. He changed the proposal in the first chamber to have him as Prime Minister sparking support from a previous Prime Minister Oos Wes Ilava. However some members of Congress expressed concerns that Congress was too polarised to nominate such a politician as Hoffmann due to the large left wing faction that was incumbent. Following a series of speeches promoting the unity of Lovia and praising the co-operation performed by Lovian political parties, enough support was garnered for the proposal to move it to the Second Chamber.

In the second chamber the proposal quickly gained support from Nationalists, Conservatives, Liberals and surprisingly Labour Unionists. However it was a small group of independents led by George Wrexley that gave the support needed to pass the motion.

Composition Edit

Head of state Name Party
Ruling monarch King Sebastian I of Lovia does not apply
Prime Minister Lukas Hoffmann CNP
Minister Name Party
Minister of Agriculture Rakham Tarik Al-Asmari GP
Minister of Commerce Alexandre Grosvenor CNP
Minister of Culture Oos Wes Ilava CCPL
Minister of Defence Lukas Hoffmann CNP
Minister of Education Marcel Cebara UL
Minister of Energy and Resources George Wrexley independent
Minister of Environment Nicholas Sheraldin GP
Minister of Family, Youth, and Elderly Mark Eastwood CCPL
Minister of Finance Dirk Brandt PL
Minister of Foreign Affairs Martin H. Sheraldin GP
Minister of Health Justin Abrahams UL
Minister of Justice Charles Jones CNP
Minister of Labour Jason Rogers LUS
Minister of Tourism and Sport Aina Sarria RI
Minister of Transportation Alexei Krasnov CNP
Speaker of the Congress Levi Straszev GP
Appointees Name Appointed by
Federal Police Commissioner Dimitri Kalinnikov Lukas Hoffmann

References Edit

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