Hlan Fromfields (May 26, 1919 - July 10, 1971) was a Governor of Oceana.

Biography Edit

Fromfields held various political offices in Hurbanova and Oceana throught the 1930s and 1940s. He became an associate of John Ský around that time, though he never fully joined his operation. In 1954 Ský appointed him governor but Fromfields did not want to be his puppet. Instead, he planned on fighting crime and making Oceana safer. Soon he became the target of Ský's hitmen and in May 1954 he survived a sniper wound. In July, a his car was blown up but ended up killing his deputy. In October he and a bodyguard were attacked, and Hlan was shot six times. Miraculously he survived the attack, and was instrumental in the trial against Ský in 1956. He was later placed under witness protection until his death in 1971, of natural causes.

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