Highway 6
Highway 6 new
Basic data
Length 22 mi (35.3 km)
Route Novosevensk (SE) - Amish Kinley (SE) - Canterbury (SE) - Kinley (SE)
Direction west-east
Exits 5
AB-AS 1 Novosevensk (SE)
AB-AS 2 Rybachie (SE)
AB-AS 3 Amish Kinley (SE)
AB-AS 4 Canterbury (SE)
AB-AS 5 Kinley (SE)

Highway 6 is a Lovian highway, connecting Novosevensk on Philosopher's Island to Kinley on American Island, via the settlements of Amish Kinley and Canterbury. The plan to create Highway 6 was not an element of the original 2010 Highway Plan proposed by Secretary of Energy, Environment and Transportation Andy McCandless, but in 2012 it was decided that a highway was needed in the state of Seven to connect the two major settlements. A road already existed, so work began in June 2012 to upgrade it to a highway. This mainly involved widening the road, as well as improving road quality and signage, and the highway was opened in August 2012.

Route description Edit

From west to east:

See also Edit

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