Highway 4
Highway 4 new
Basic data
Length 60 mi (96.6 km)
Route Clave Rock (SY) - Portland (KI)
Direction west-east
Exits 4
AB-Kreuz-blau Highway 7 new Highway 7
AB-AS 1 Clave Rock (SY)
AB-Kreuz-blau Sylvania Highway 1
AB-AS 2 Train Village Downtown (SY)
AB-AS 3 Train Village Nicholasville (SY)
AB-Kreuz-blau Highway 1 new Highway 1
Bridge1 Connection Bridge
AB-Kreuz-blau Highway 3 new Highway 3
AB-AS 4 Portland (KI)

Highway 4 is a Lovian west-east highway connecting Clave Rock with Portland. Highway 4 was separated from the Old Highway 1 as a result of the 2010 Highway Plan proposed by Secretary of Energy, Environment and Transportation Andy McCandless. In December 2010, the highway was extended to the west, to the Train Village hamlet Clave Rock.

Route description Edit

From west to east:

Events Edit

Car crash (September 2010) Edit

The Nova Times reported a car accident September 5th, taking place at 3:58 AM local time on Highway 4 between Train Village and the Connection Bridge, one of the narrow sections of the road. Thomas Herr, a Train Village resident, was driving home with Dennis Herr and Sandy Ween in the back. The driver had been drinking. Thomas Herr's vehicle collided with that of Ashley Brown (23), a Blackburn student, who was texting while driving. All passengers died after the heavy head-on collision. The event caused the LADD, a non-profit against distracted driving, to air infomercials about the dangers of texting and drunk driving.[1]

References Edit

  1. Villanova, Marcus, Nova Times, September 6 2010.

See also Edit

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