Highway 3
Highway 3 new
Basic data
Length 28.4 mi (45.7 km)
Route Beaverwick (KI) - Highway 4 (KI)
Direction north-south
Exits 2
AB-AS 1 Beaverwick (KI)
AB-AS 2 Newhaven (KI)
AB-Kreuz-blau Highway 4 new Highway 4
Highway 3 construction

Construction of the Highway 3 near Newhaven

The Highway 3 is a Lovian north-south highway. The highway connects the town of Beaverwick with the Kings capital Newhaven and with the Highway 4 intersection at the Connection Bridge. Construction begun in April 2010 and was completed by the end of September. The plan to create Highway 3 was an element of the 2010 Highway Plan proposed by Secretary of Energy, Environment and Transportation Andy McCandless, a Walden member.

Route description Edit

The Highway 3 starts at the docks in the town of Beaverwick. It is the main road between the small fisshing village and the city of Newhaven. It makes a curve around the village and passes the Kings North Railway Station and the Sagan Hospital in the south. Most parts of the Grand Interstate Railway runs along the Highway 3. In the middle between the two places are a lot of lakes located and the road crosses those lakes but the railway goes around the lakes. Ones the Highway 3 is arrived in Newhaven in the north, it directly passes the city in the east. Than there is a smaller road with direction south. There is an intersection to Train Village in the State of Sylvania on Peace Island and Portland in the east.

From north to south:

See also Edit

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