Highway 2
Highway 2 new
Basic data
Length 27.55 mi (44.3 km)
Route Hurbanova (OC) - Noble City (SY)
Direction west-east
Exits 3
AB-AS 1 Hurbanova Downtown (OC)
Hurbanoft Deynteyn
AB-AS 2 Hurbanova Drake Town (OC)
Hurbanoft Dedin o'Frants
AB-Kreuz-blau Highway 7 new Highway 7
AB-AS 3 Ben's Beaver River Camping (OC)
Rike o'thie Bobors Kamping o'Ben
AB-Kreuz-blau Highway 1 new Highway 1

Highway 2 is a Lovian west-east highway connecting Hurbanova with Noble City. Highway 2 was separated from the Old Highway 1 as a result of the 2010 Highway Plan proposed by Secretary of Energy, Environment and Transportation Andy McCandless.

Route description Edit

From west to east:

See also Edit

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