Hessel Doorian

Hessel Doorian on his farm in Sofasi

Hessel Doorian (1946 - October 30, 2011) was a Lovian far-right politician and the last leader of the fascist Iron Guard Party. He was the father to Drabo Doorian, the young IGP-leader who killed himself in 2010. Hessel Doorian was a wealthy farmer; his family made its fortune in South Africa during the apartheid era.

Doorian was an outspoken supporter of fascist and nazist policies, as well as the apartheid regime. As the once leader of the IGP, he restored its policies to the original fascist ideology, and added references to the apartheid regime. In August 2010, he wrote the controversial political essay Our Eternal Enemy.

As of June 2011 he was a member of the UNS and represents his party in Congress. He died from an injury sustained in the Lovian Civil War on October 30, 2011.

Family Edit

Doorian sr. had three sons and four daughters with his wife Margot Doorian (1947) whom he married at the age of 18. Drabo was their youngest. Hessel Doorian owned a farm in Sofasi. He was an outspoken republican and firmly believes in the superiority of the white aryan race. His youngest son Drabo was, in the eyes of his father, a disgrace and a race-traitor for converting to Islam. Hessel Doorian had, as of May 2010, 27 grandchildren and 5 great-grandchildren. He has an estimated wealth of $15,000,000.

Beliefs Edit

The elder Doorian was a devout Reformed Christian. The Doorians originate from South-Africa. They take great pride in their Boer- and Afrikaner heritage and besides English and French, they speak Afrikaans fluently. Hessel also spoke Xhosa. He is also an avid hunter, horserider and marksman. He hunts big game in Africa every year and owns several trophys. He shot the world's biggest rhinocerous in 1983.

Politics Edit

Doorian senior entered the political arena relatively late, in 1989. He had been a member of several minor rightist parties already, but never with much success. As a personal friend of mr. Honecker, the elder Doorian joined the Iron Guard Party within days after it was founded. With the wealthy farmer's fortune, made in South Africa, the party was funded. He remained a low-profile member, until he took over the party following his son's death by suicide. A powerful speaker, Doorian is known for holding amazing speeches. He had a deep, powerful voice. It sounds like rowling thunder, and it captivates the audience. Doorian was a very charismatic man, and he managed very well to get the message across. He did not shy away from violence either. It has never come that far, though. But Doorian has made it very clear that it is, eventually, inevitable. Doorian senior has been involved in the The People v. IGP Trial as a result of which the IGP was closed down and outlawed.

2011 Civil War Edit

On the 22th of October, 2011, the elder Doorian was freed from jail by I. G. La Blaca of the UNS, the party Doorian had endorsed from jail. He decides to join the rebels as an officer and is warmly welcolmed by them, joining the conflict. However, he was arrested on the 30th of October 2011 on his compound along with Dietrich Honecker, both were immediately put into maximum security. He was pronounced dead later that day due to a lack of blood from a shoulder injury and refusal of treatment. It was later confirmed it was Lovian Prince Sebastian who took down Doorian during fighting into outskirts of the city. 

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