The Herschel Family, known as the Herschel Clan until the mid-20th century, is a prominent Lovian family with ties to several political and royal families. The family was from Central Europe, but they have called the State of Kings their home since the 1890s.

History Edit

The family's origins have been traced as far back as to 17th century Polish Silesia, a historical region of Central Europe. The family's prestige suggests that their ancestors were once royalty, however, genealogists have failed to determine wether this assumption is true or false, and if so, at what point in history.

Few official records exist that refer to the ancient Herschels. Recent knowledge of the family is common among the modern Lovian people, however. Along with many successful bankers and businesspeople, members of the family have held a variety of esteemed positions. One member of the family had once held a seat in King Arthur II of Lovia's Royal Congress, and another two had served as Lovian mayors.

History in Lovia Edit

In October of 1891, the Herschel Family began their journey to Lovia with political aspirations and plans to establish an isolated family estate in the region. The family arrived at the Island of Kings in November of the same year, and hastily moved along the same trail mapped during the Lawrence Sagan expeditions, along the Abby River. After a history of hostilities with other clans, the family decided to settle in an isolated location. They claimed the high ground which would come to be known as the Abby Highlands, and invested a fortune into the construction of a fortified mountain castle.

The family would not inquire about citizenship for a year, until being pressured by the government and expeditionary parties discovering the Herschel's mountain lair. The family would meet inhabitants and settlers upon establishing a friendly policy: that any individual or group of people, often expeditionary parties, who were to come across their isolated castle would be free to join them for supper and to stay the night. In 1919, the Herschels officially took possession of the Utkin-Kowalski Salt Mine, though they already knew of the mine's existence for years and may have considered it haunted by its original owners.

In 1946, after decades of maintaining a secure living in Kings, the family decided to alter their family title from the threatening 'Herschel Clan', to 'Herschel Family'.

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