Heroes of Anarchy is the debut studio album by Devilface, released independently on April 14, 1981. It is based on music that the band recorded on their homemade cassettes, most notably Prisoners of the Construct, I Don't Belong Here, and Liberal Isn't Like That. The band showed extreme leftist views starting with this album.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Length
1. "Self-Control"   2:01
2. "Liberate"   2:20
3. "You Won't See The Light"   3:24
4. "Still Be Happy"   1:54
5. "The Construct"   1:38
6. "Society is a Disease"   2:56
7. "Join Us"   2:27
8. "Campaign For Truth"   2:36
9. "Without Moving"   3:02
10. "Pretty Vacant" (Sex Pistols cover) 3:15
11. "Stand In Line"   2:44
12. "Rooftop"   1:46
13. "The Heroes of Anarchy"   2:48
Total length:

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