Henri Megrii

Henri Megrii at a tournement

Henri Megrii (1982) is a Lovian fencing champion, competing in épée. He is famous for being one of the few openly gay sportspeople in Lovia, and also is the only black fencer the LFF has enrolled. Megrii is a well-known spokesman for LGBT-rights in Lovia. He lives in Novosevensk.

Sport Edit

He joined the LFF in 1999 after his personal friend Philip Bradly-Lashawn invited him. He didn't win the first tournament, but he won the trophy every year since 2000, except in 2010, beaten by Gregory Howes.

Megrii has an unusual playing style: fierce and passionate, yet steady and calm. He always waits until the perfect moment to strike, and when he strikes he does so with deadly accuracy. He is known to have the highest winning percentage of all Lovian fencers: 94.5% of his matches are won by Megrii.

Personal Edit

Megrii has been engaged twice and even married once yet announced in 2010 in a press conference he was a homosexual. He has two sons: one is adopted and the other one is his own, he no longer has visitation rights however. Megrii plans on adopting an African or Chinese orphan with his husband Jeremy Megrii (neé Gaillard). The Megrii couple is the first homosexual couple to adopt a kid in Lovia.