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Hengst Smid (4 August 1964) is a Lovian liberal-minded former member and leader of the Lovian Communist Party. He was first introduced to Lovia from Germany by August Magnus Donia in January 2010. He is the main man behind the Messenger, the LCP newspaper. In 2011, after the reform of Congress, Hengst Smid got elected as a CPL.nm MOTC.

Biography Edit

Hengst Smid was born in West Germany, and lived in a working class environment, albeit one that was improving by the time of his formative years. At school, he became immersed in maps of the world, wanting to know more about life in other countries and later immersed himself in philosophical literature. He was a keen follower of Karl Marx, but resented what Communism had become in the Eastern Europe. He associated mainly with libertarianism, rather than socialism, which he branded 'ineffective'.

With his thirst for knowledge of the world, Smid was inspired by languages and the liberation of learning a new one. He wrote an acclaimed philosophical paper in which he claimed that society could use an established language to indoctrinate people and by controlling knowledge of other languages could control their thoughts. After completing his university degree, Smid worked on the advisory board of a network providing premium television services. He was given an award in the company for helping it to appeal to wide audiences and to make its business global (due to his awareness of cultures and languages).

At the age of 38, Smid pursued a career in the civil service. He became an ambassador to Lovia and was particularly keen on the idea of a Wikian Union. Having been introduced to the Lovian Communist Party by Magnus Donia, Smid realised that it matched his values closely and sought to use it as his platform to bring Lovia together with other wikinations, which would be a shining example of democracy and justice. On 8 January 2010, after creating a prank conspiracy called the Night of the Pillagers to attract attention and highlight the issues faced in Lovia, he was accused by the King of Lovia of fraud. Smid was later cleared of any charges, but remained controversial since he became the LCP party head only days later and started a new journal, The Messenger. Some conspiracy theorists claim he remains under the watch of Lovian spies as he plots with other former LCP members and communicates with other nations.

He was elected to Congress in 2011, but did not stand for election the next year. In 2012, Smid converted to Christianity and renounced some aspects of his communist past, but has remained passionate for social welfare.

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