Hellnation is a Lovian punk band from Plains, Clymene. The band is signed to Warped Records and consists of five members, of which two also play in Car Crash Sex

Despite its evocative name, Hellnation plays a more mellow, Clash-influenced type of punk rock, characterized by ska riffs and reggae beats. The band has a bass guitarist, a lead guitarist/vocalist, a keyboard player and a drummer. The drummer and bass guitarist provide backing vocals. Their primary assets are irony and innovative lyrics.

They are influenced by The Stranglers, The Clash, The Specials, The Boomtown Rats and NOFX. They also draw influence from The Plastic Bags and Car Crash Sex.

Hellnation was founded in 2012 and has released one album. They are scheduled to play at the 2014 Noble City Rock Festival, where they will probably open for Car Crash Sex.

Discography Edit

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