Heightley was an old Lovian vehicle company.

History Edit

In 1887 the brothers J. Marion and William Henry Heightley, from Toledo, Ohio came to Lovia and founded the Heightley Bicycle Co. outside Hurbanova, when they and 3 locals hand built fine bikes. In 1900 William built a motorcycle, but that was not developed further. In 1904 they built their first car, a 6 HP model.

Cars Edit

The 6 HP version was produced in larger quantities from 1905. In 1908 it was uprated to 12 HP, but the car couldn't handle the increased power and it faced mechanical problems. So a new 12 HP model as introduced in 1909. This car sold until 1914, when a 14 HP tourer was made. In 1920 the new 18 HP model was introduced, as a 2-door open-top roadster or a 4-door tourer. Around 6 roadsters were made into closed coupes by Carrosserie Hulse in 1921. Only 1 survives, and it is located in the Lovian Auto Museum. In 1924 the last Heightley was made.

Production figures Edit

6HP model: 7 (all years) 12HP model:11 (all years) 14HP model:15 (all years) 18HP model:10 (all years)

Models Edit

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