Name Heighnow
Hexacode OC-NW-02
Population 50[1]
Language(s) Lovian English, Oceana
Next to Cold Hill
Saint(s) Saint Lambert of Maastricht

Heighnow (IPA: /'hi:naʊ̯/ or /'hi:noʊ̯/; Oceana: /'ɦiə̯çnoʊ̯/; Slovak: Hiechnov, IPA: /'ɦjɛçnoʊ̯/) is a Lovian hamlet in the state of Oceana, in the Northern Wine Region district. Heighnow is located in the Central Hill Land east of Cold Hill.

Demographics Edit

Of the 298 inhabitants of the Northern Wine Region district, 50 live in Heighnow. According to the 2014 census, the racial make-up of Heighnow was 50 white (100%); ethnically there were 23 Oceana (46%), 22 Slovaks (44%), and 5 Lovians (10%). The first-language distribution was recorded as 22 English (44%), 19 Oceana (38%), and 9 Slovak (18%). The distribution of religious affiliations was 45 Roman Catholic (90%), 2 United Protestant (4%) and 3 with no religious affiliation (6%).

Environment Edit

Heighnow is located near the Oceana Wine Region on the Curland Massive. The area is mostly covered with dense forests, the Carlton Forests. The center of the built-up area is located at approximately 160 meters high.

Of the 183 functioning registrated buildings in Heighnow, 24 have a residential designation, 77 are stalls, sheds or workhouses, 14 have a religious designation, 9 are shops or services buildings, 8 are governmental buildings, and 51 are undefined.

Economy Edit

Most of the inhabitants of Heighnow are employed in forestry or the agricultural sector. According to the 2013 census, the working population is 37 (78,7%), of which 12 have no registrated jobs (32,4%) and 0 are unemployed (0%).

Dialect Edit

The Oceana dialect spoken in Heighnow is similar to the dialect spoken in Newmouth (Boberni Call) and shares a similar history.

Politics Edit

Now follows the voting results for the local State Elections:

Party 2012[2] 2013 F2015
CCPL 11 12 14
PNO 5 2 3
OSB 7 7 7
NPO 2 2 2
LMP 0 0 0
RTP 3 4 4
GP 0 0 0
KNPO - 2 1
MLPE - 0 -
SP 1 0 0
SLP - 0 0
DV - 0 -
UC - 0 0
LEP - - 0
Valid 29 29 31
Blank 0 0 0
Invalid 0 0 0
Votes cast 29 29 31
Entitled to vote 31 32 33

Transportation Edit

Heighnow is served by the Bus Service Oceana:

The following bus stops lie within Heighnow's zone of habitation: Barstow River, Best Road, Heighnow Church, Heighnow Vineyard, and Miesha Vineyard. A bus stop located within the hamlet's territory is Carlton-Curland.

References and notes Edit

  1. Oceana Demographic Center (2014), data for the entire hamlet's area.
  2. Voting results for these elections may not be fully accurate, as some people were still registrated in Hurbanova and East Hills, due to the transition to the district system. As a result, the amount of registered voters in the hamlet is lower than the actual amount; while some votes in built-up areas are actually votes from hamlets.

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