Harvian Islands

Harvian flag

(No coat of arms)

Name Harvian Islands
Full name The United Harvian Islands
Capital Port Philip, Stamadri
Official language(s) Harvian Samoan, English
Population 210,000
Demonym Harvian
King King Joaquin I
More information
Currency Corona
Internet TLD .ha

The Harvian Islands is a country consisting of a number of islands in the Pacific Ocean, a former colony of the United States and independent since 2010. Its short history since independence is closely linked to that of Lovia; the former largest party, the Harvian Christian Union, for instance, contained a number of Lovian politicians such as Semyon Breyev and Oos Wes Ilava. Tensions began to appear in the Harvian-Lovian relationship, with an Oceana independence movement being planned on Harvian soil, which was condemned by the Lovian monarch Dimitri I. After the constitution was written elections were held, resulting in a majority for a coalition between the conservative Harvian Christian Union and the nationalist Samoan Power. Shortly after the election, however, the HCU politicians left to focus on Lovian politics, citing controversy in Lovia about its position in the Islands. The leader of Samoan Power, Franco Flinstone, demanded the (unconstitutional) right to replace all HCU places in government with SP politicians, and due to the party's armed wing, the opposition was unable to give in. Since then, Flinstone has ruled the small country, which has been called a 'quasi-dictatorship'. There were rumours that the Islands financed the Lovian Land Army during the Lovian Civil War, as their sudden appearance as a major armed force has remained unexplained.

Interestingly, the pre-coup Harvian constitution was a partial inspiration for the 2011 Lovian state reform.

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