Harold Freeman Identity
Harold Freeman
Name Harold Freeman
Sex Male Male
Born June 2, 1973, Marondera (Rhodesia)
Home East Hills, Hurbanova
Languages English, Ndebele

Harold Freeman, born Ilyasu Nkomé, is a Lovian writer, politician and musician of African descent. He mainly writes children's stories. Harold Freeman founded the Wake Coffee company and is an active protester against Mobutu and the ZANU regime. He has his residence in the East Hills, Hurbanova. He is called the father of "liberalism" in Lovia beacuse of no matter how weak the moment is more liberalism he sticks with it. Freeman is also the founder of the Lovia's only Blues band, The Bayside Dumpsters.

Biography Edit

Freeman was born in the Republic of Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1973. At the age of five, he and his mother had to leave their home town Marondera because of an attack by ZANU rebels. Freeman's father, a talented chemist, got killed during the attack. Freeman and his mother fled the country by crossing the border to South Africa. Later they requested asylum in Lovia where Freeman's uncle moved to before the war had started.

Freeman's mother, Ethel Seddon, got a job as a teacher at a local primary school. Freeman did well at school and studied Modern History at the Blackburn University. He became active in politics after his uncle introduced him to the Liberal Party. He got however influenced by more radical thinkers and joined the much bigger Walden Libertarian Party. The next year he changed his studies to Philosophy, Politics and Economics. He graduated with alphas on every paper he had written. Most notable where his papers on unemployment and the trade cycle.

At the age of 24, Freeman was promoted on the subject of geopolitics and third world economy. He also began writing short stories for children to make them think about concepts like poverty, charity and racism. Freeman took a job offer at the Blackburn University Center for Third World Studies as researcher. He was elected in 2010 in congress but due to his inactivity was not relected and tooke more time to focus on his teaching. During the Special Federal Elections, 2011 he appeared again in the political arena promoting liberalism for the Liberal Democratic Party.

He is well-known as the author of Donatello, a popular Lovian comic.

Bibliography Edit

  • 1994 - Unemployment & Economic Policy In Lovia, academic paper
  • 1996 - The Trade Cycle: On The Nature Of Modern Economy, academic paper
  • 1997 - The Tragedy Of The African Union, opinionated article
  • 2002 - Environment & The Theory Of Commons, academic publication
  • 2007 - The Moon & The River, short stories
  • 2009 - Nationalism & Islam, academic publication

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