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Harold Food Corporations is a holding of catering and food industry companies owned by Harold Freeman. The holding was founded in 2010 and is one of the biggest companies in the Lovian food industry. Companies that are part of the Harold Food Corporations Holding are hamburger restaurant chain Big Kahuna, the Wake Coffee bars and stores and the Pappy O'Daniel's flour products manufacturer. The holding is negotiating with several companies to expand its influence. Currently all of the company shares are owned by Harold Freeman. Its headquarters are at Salinger Building.

Subsidiaries Edit

Big Kahuna Edit

Big Kahuna logo

Big Kahuna, sometimes abbreviated as BK, is a Lovian chain of hamburger restaurants. The company began as a franchise restaurant chain, based in Noble City in 1994. In 2002, Big Kahuna opened twenty-two restaurants abroad of which twelve in the United States. The company has about 2,000 employees serving a huge amount of customers daily. The Big Kahuna menu has evolved from a basic offering of burgers, fries, sodas and milkshakes to a larger, more diverse set of offerings that includes several variations of chicken, fish, salads and breakfast. The Big One, a sandwich that has become the Big Kahuna signature product, was the first major addition to the menu. Big Kahuna presents itself as the 'Hawaiian burger joint' and operates under the company slogan It is a tasty burger.

Wake Coffee Edit

Wake Coffee

Wake Coffee is a Lovian brand of coffee products and a chain of coffee shops that only sell fair trade products. It also offers a selection of so-called 'green products'. The name comes from Wake Kofii which means 'coffee bean' in Ndebele, the native language of the owner and founder of the Wake Coffee brand, Harold Freeman. Wake Coffee is renowned for its good quality and service. Wake Coffee shops are spread all over the country but there is a concentration of stores in the capital city, Noble City. Prices at Wake Coffee are higher than with the competition but a good price for the farmers is ensured. Wake Coffee works together with international organisations such as Oxfam. Wake Coffee operates under the slogan Every Cup Matters.

Pappy O'Daniel's Edit

Pappy O'Daniel's logo

Pappy O'Daniel's is a Lovian trademark for pancake flour, syrup and other breakfast foods. The trademark dates to 1992, although Pappy O'Daniel pancake mix debuted in 1984. The company is named after it's founder, Wilbert Pappy O'Daniel. O'Daniel started the company after he won a flour producing factory in a bet. Because the competition in the flour market became too high to maintain productive, O'Daniel sold his excess flour as a ready-made pancake mix in white paper sacks. In 2010 the company was sold to the Harold Food Corporations Holding. The headquarters of the Pappy O'Daniel flour company are in Old Port, Newhaven. The company slogan is Naturally Pure and Wholesome.

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